Legal grounds Decree 92/2016 / ND-CP Condition Vietnam Aviation Administration certificate of eligibility base training, professional training aviation personnel to meet the following requirements: 1. Ask about the organizational apparatus, facilities, equipment, faculty regulations, in Articles 25 and 26 of this Decree; 2. Ask about training programs, curricula, training materials chosen by the Minister of Transport regulations. Minimum requirements for classrooms, equipment, practice facilities 1. Basis of practice, practice rooms and an area must have adequate space for equipment and machinery to be used and to ensure minimum conditions prescribed for occupational education institutions.


2. Equipment for training, professional training in some specialties must meet the following requirements: a) For training, professional training of crew members, flight training teachers: There are training aircraft, cockpit assumptions; pilot testing equipment, physical training; b) For training, professional training flight attendants: Yes model aircraft cabins are equipped with all security systems, safety, emergency, emergency, oxygen systems and tools in service passengers on board flight Aviation Administration of Vietnam are licensed or approved; c) For training, professional training maintenance staff, repair aircraft and aircraft equipment: Yes aircraft is equipped with school supplies electrical equipment, electronics, communication active; Practical tools for mechanical, electrical, electronics, information technology, aircraft structural diagram suitable for training programs, professional training;

d) For training, professional training staff are not saved: There assuming training system for employees does not save (except employees perform tasks for flight, notification - flight coordination, signaling ) suitable for training programs, professional training;

e) For training, professional staff training information, navigation, and surveillance: There is enough equipment to practice matching content training programs, professional training;

e) For training, professional training of aviation security personnel: There are devices or model assumptions and teaching software security screening of passengers, luggage and cargo; weapons, support tools, dangerous items; lab has equipment suitable for teaching training programs, professional training;

g) For training, professional coaching staff informed aviation news: There are information systems, data suitable for curriculum content, professional training; availability of equipment carried out in accordance with the training program content, professional training;

h) For training, professional training in aviation meteorology personnel: There are equipment and information systems, data suitable for curriculum content, professional training;
i) For training, professional training of staff, flight operation: There are documents relating to the features, technical kinds of aircraft in mining, software for dispatching, flight operation; Practical devices and information systems, data matching content training programs, professional training and other documents consistent with requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);

k) For training, professional coaching staff, drivers, operating aviation equipment, vehicles operating in restricted areas of airports, the airport: equipment, practice facilities, beach training, documentation and equipment operators, media content matching training programs, professional training;

l) For training, professional training mining personnel serving flight ground: Having equipment, materials, information systems, data, software mining practice guidelines in accordance with capacity training programs, professional training, documentation exploitation;


m) For training, professional coaching staff, design methods of civil aviation: There are construction process, design methods and extraction methods flies flying, aviation map system, system information, data and equipment designed to serve the appropriate flight modes with curriculum content, professional training; n) For training, professional training for search and rescue personnel aviation: There are diagrams, organizational model search and rescue system of aviation, the process of search and rescue organizations; the hypothetical situations, video search and rescue maneuvers aviation; equipment system, code symbols table, remains relevant to international civil air navigation and search operations and rescue; information systems, data service of aviation search and rescue suit curriculum content, professional training; o) Meet regulations, technical standards of civil aviation as required.

Requirements for teacher training institutions, professional training aviation personnel

1. Training institutions, professional training aviation personnel must have sufficient theoretical teachers, practicing teachers to ensure every subject of aviation must be at least 01 teachers. Training facilities, training can maintain the form of professional teachers, part-time teachers, lecturers specializing in the aviation industry, the number of lecturers specialized aviation training establishments, training training is not greater than 50% of teachers specialized aviation training establishments.
2. Standard teachers of aviation

a) Meet the conditions stipulated by the law on education and vocational training; for professional teachers, part-time teachers have pedagogical certificate;

b) Meet the professional conditions stipulated in legal documents of aviation respectively;

c) professional certification or 5 years of working experience in the related field of expertise to teach subjects.

Profile include:

a) An application for a certificate of eligibility base training, professional training aviation personnel on Form 05 specified in the Annex attached to this Decree;

b) training programs, professional training aviation personnel;

c) List of professional teachers, part-time teachers together with copies of diplomas, certificates and summarizing the work of the team of teachers plan together with lecturers a copy of the agreement between the teacher base or unit in charge of the teacher; d) Report on the facilities: classrooms, equipment, facility or practice where appropriate to the content of training; e) Report on the program, curriculum, training materials, coaching theory and practice related to each subject; e) Report on the organizational system, apparatus, staff management and document management systems training, professional training aviation personnel. Competent bodies Training institutions, professional training aviation personnel 01 dossier sent directly or through the postal system or other appropriate forms to the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. Sequence: Within 30 days from the date of receipt of complete dossiers as prescribed, Vietnam Aviation Administration for evaluating dossiers, the actual assessment base; require additional explanations concerning the content, document editing; certificate of eligibility base training, professional training for aviation personnel at the proposal, in case of refusal must state the reasons. 

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