HEAD OF BUSINESS: According to the Law on Enterprises, the corporate headquarters is a communications, business transactions; must reside in the territory of Vietnam, has been identified address, including house number, street name (alley) or the name of communes, wards and towns, districts, towns and provincial cities, provinces and cities under the central government; telephone number, fax number and email address (if available). - If the headquarters were not available, they must apply for a house number (or tabernacle) - If the headquarters do not have or do not have street names: + For urban districts based: provides single confirmation Ward People's Committee headquarters of the address does not have or does not have street names + For headquartered in suburban District: Provide the house number and hamlets, communes and districts (single without confirmation of Ward People's Committee)


- If corporate headquarters of the Company leased real estate business, the parties may enter into contracts with each other but have provided with legal documents and licenses of building the company's operations.

- For enterprises with foreign investment, investment registration, the headquarters of the enterprise must be proved by a notarized lease agreement at the Chamber of Notary of establishment registration records.

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